Tuesday, July 10, 2012


<p>E&lt;p&gt;Let me paint you a picture:&lt;/p&gt;<br>
&lt;p&gt;Around the first part of March 2011, one of the women I knew on Facebook shared with our group that she was pregnant. We were thrilled for her. Around 6 weeks later, we were discussing ultrasounds and she told us thank goodness for them because she had just learned her baby was dead. Holy cow, not what we were expecting to hear. So, we wrapped our arms around her. We stood beside her sharing all of our loss stories and trying to comfort her in the ways that we remembered helping us. &lt;/p&gt;<br>
&lt;p&gt;Shortly after, Heidi, decided that she really wanted to use her son's legacy as a way to help others. What could we do to help? We wanted to do everything in our power to help our friend. &lt;/p&gt;<br>
&lt;p&gt;She approached people about being doulas, both those interested and those already involved in the doula world. She set up a phenomenal website that included things that blew my mind! Many of us have given her our stories and pictures of our babies. Awesome, a way to remember and memorialize our children! Then she has the various birth plans. Let me tell you, I would of done many things different with my miscarriages if I knew! With the doula stuff, these women are there to help a mom through the loss. I can't even describe how flipping amazing that that is! Its an honor to hold a mothers hand and a blessing for that mother to have someone who wants to help her through that. Let's face it, too many people are scared of loss. Heidi also has the mentoring program that I am honored to be a part of. We talk to moms and share our journey and give them support after their losses. We talk about things that, honestly, only a loss mom would truly understand. Navigating life after loss is HARD, but having love and support makes it a little easier. I help others in my normal everyday life and it is an area where I know a difference is being made. I'm honored to stand beside a mother and say "I understand". I do cry for every mom and I do cry for myself and my losses. Not too long ago, I thought to myself, "I wish I had the life I was suppose to, this life is too hard". You know what? I'm glad I can be here doing what I do. I'm a believer in making something beautiful out of something ugly, and so I press on. I'm honored to do this for Stillbirthday and the women I've met. I truly wish hospitals and local support groups had this type of program.

Honestly, you really cannot go wrong with Stillbirthday! I recommend it to everyone! There is also a Facebook page. There is also a support group on Facebook, called Stillbirthday Support Group (my phone isn't copying the URL correctly, so this may not work right). <br>


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