Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting into the swing of things

I should be getting ready to go grocery shopping. This blog stuff is addicting. I redid my whole layout today. It's alot of pink!! I kinda like it though. Next layout will be a lighthouse one. should download some psp stuff for it. I'm considering doing up a blog for the scrapbook freebies and possibly another for layouts. Not quite sure how that would work though!!

Sunday we are having dinner with my mom and dad. I think we've decided on Quaker steak and Lube. Dad and dh want somewhere that have sunday sales as this whole thing will be so we can all talk. My parents didn't do so well handling my sisters death, but, they do understand where we are. Plus, I've hit a really rough patch and everyone is worried, esp my dad. He has always been super protective. I am so blessed to have him!! I'm blessed to have my mom too!!

I think I may work on more of Mary's scrapbook (compliments of my friend Denise).

I'm off to go shopping. Have a nice weekend!
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