Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Need Of Guidance

I am fairly positive that I have many childbirth advocates and doulas who read this blog. So, I am asking for your guidance. Bambi is taking on becoming a doula. This means I need to get certified somewhere. I truly do NOT want to read or have woo shoved down my throat (because I WILL puke all over the person). Are there any courses that don't tell you that you have to read some crap written by the NCB Gods known as Henci and Ina?? Most doulas I have come across are very agenda pushing and lean towards the natural aspect of pregnancy/birth. I know three that don't push agendas and support ALL mothers. Three. That's pretty piddly. I really would like to focus on mothers who are going through losses, are carrying to term with a poor prognosis, or are carrying a baby after a loss. I also think supporting a woman in a high risk pregnancy would be valuable. Yes, the doula thing is awesome. BUT there are several areas that really need some focus. It really seems like 95% of doulas out there are focused entirely on natural births. I also see a need for supporting NICU moms and even being there should anything happen. I have a gazillion thoughts running through my head! So, throw out any thoughts/suggestions!!
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