Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mad Props!

Right now (as I'm sitting in my room supposed to be cleaning), I'm overwhelmed at the tides that are turning in the midwifery world. Midwives are speaking out about the state of homebirth and the midwifery world. So, I'm going to take the time to send out some props to some wonderful women who are promoting safety and truly care about mothers and their babies!

#1- Miss Amber Plyler. Amber was a student midwife working on her CPM. She has changed her path and is now working on her CNM. I have seen the transformation in her and am so incredibly proud of the person I am seeing emerge. She is truly knowledgeable and will be one hell of an asset to the midwifery community. I'm happy to have her as a friend!

#2- Deb O'Connell from Carrboro Midwifery. I think it was back when Amy Medwin was arrested and I saw Deb on various sites discussing the arrest and why Medwin shouldn't of been practicing and thought to myself, "Damn, she is awesome". Sure enough, we got in contact with one another and she is a good friend. She is all about safety and the truth. There is no sugar coating from her. She doesn't spout the "complications are just a variation of normal", bull shit. She lays it out there! If something comes up, she will transfer because she doesn't take chances. She respects birth and doesn't trust it. Deb is quite middle of the road from my observations.

#3- NavelgazingMidwife, Barb. She has spoken out about the mistruth she sees. She does promote safety. When you look at her, you see a woman who genuinly cares about these motherrs and their babies. I've cried reading her posts because it's like "somebody cares". I can say that I truly respect this woman and her contribution to the homebirth community. There is no "trust birth" attitude there either. You can tell by reading that she respects birth.

I've seen Deb called a "med"wife because she's a CNM. Why?? She chooses to be educated so, why is that such a bad thing?? A real midwife is actually WITH the woman, not running the damn show or not caring whether mom gets a living baby or not. I would rather have a "med"wife than some uneducated hippy and any woman with common sense should too! I've seen Amber attacked for daring to change gears and become a "med"wife. I tell ya, the stuff said to her fired me up. These people supported her when she was working on her CPM stuff, but suddenly they turned once they learned she was not pursing that. I saw women talking to her like she was a disobediant child who needed scolded. Is that really necessary?? It shows just how cruel women are when you choose to step out of the woo-ish culture. Speaking of cruel women, I saw a comment Barb received for daring to speak out. It was loaded with threats and vile crap. It was basically a shut up message from the midwifery community and from what I know, she's not the first one to receive this, it generally happens anytime a midwife speaks up.

So, Ladies, keep up the good work!!! You are all fantastic!! Readers, please go visit these women and show them some love!!


Aleah said...

And let's not forget what you are doing, Bambi. You refuse to be silent about the dangers of un/undereducated midwives. You refuse to "accept that sometimes, babies just die." Each time you tell your story, you are getting through to someone; no matter if your comments are deleted before the majority of readers get to see it. People see these things, and they will remember.

What you are doing is commendable as well.

Bambi C said...

Thank you, Aleah!!

6 Vegan Kids said...

I work for Deb and she is indeed fabulous! When I was a midwifery student Deb showed me a bit of tough love by strongly suggesting that if I wanted to practice as a homebirth midwife then I needed to see high risk births and do some of my clinicals in the hospital setting. While it wasn't what I wanted to hear at the time, it turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice that anyone gave me as a student midwife. Now, almost one year out of school, I am so glad I have that perspective that I only could have gained through working with women who undoubtedly were not candidates for an out-of-hospital birth.

Thanks for what you do, Bambi. Keep telling your story. Change is on the horizon.

Liz said...

yay! i heartily agree Bambi! great post ;)

Amber Plyler said...

Thank you for the shout out Bambi. And I agree with an above poster - you are wonderful and your dedication to exposing the truth is excellent!

Urbancowgrrl said...

You bring up an interesting point about the comments to Barb and how angry and threatening people can get. I have a friend who wrote a book detailing the downsides of another popular woo-woo movement in our society (but older and more widely accepted) and when I gave it to some friends to read I heard comments like "She's dangerous! She needs to be silenced!" and in an interview recently the interviewer asked her "Why does -this particuluar woo-woo movement- frighten you so much?" When it's really obvious to me she is not at all frightened by it - she just finds it destructive.

I hear that about HB too. How evil OB's need to be fought against because they're dangerous and they should be silenced. And women who don't go with HB are just scared.

I'm starting to realize that anyone who reacts that way is not standing on a very strong platform for their beliefs whether I agree with them or not.

Folks like you who calmly and rationally say "This is where I see a problem" speak volumes more even if your tone is quieter and you aren't screaming it hysterically from the rooftops so that it's initially drowning everything else out.

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