Friday, February 1, 2013

Loving Thyself

Since this is February, I figured what better than to talk about loving oneself. So many of us have body issues and I believe it needs discussed. These issues can affect any of us regardless of the type of body we have. This isn't discriminatory. And it sucks.

I've been working out for a year now. While on this journey, I've met many people traveling with me. One thing I have noticed about most of us- we are still critical of ourselves. Why is beyond me. You would think we would love what we see and not be critical. I think I understand what part of the issue is- society has a certain standard that most of us cannot attain. We look at celebrities and then ourselves and critique every little thing that we have that they don't. Since when did THAT become the standard we are suppose to adhere to?? Ok, I'm going to say- BITE ME. We don't all have those body types and we don't have the resources available to us, therefore the standard is unrealistic.

So, how can we love ourselves??

Look at what our bodies have done for us. Mine- I am alive. I have carried a total of nine babies. Seven of those babies made it to nine months within my body. My breasts have fed six children, including the three year old who is still going. My body is strong. I can walk into that gym everyday . Some men cannot do what  I can. Occasionally, I can talk one of the guys into trying something I do, but most say "F that". Sometimes, one will challenge me to try something new or heavier and sometimes I succeed at it. I give it my all though. This is MY body. What about you, what has your body done for you?

Truly look at your body and tell yourself what you like about it. Me- I drive everyone crazy because I have a horrible mirror fascination now. I look at myself and say "Dang, I like this and that and this and that". This attitude has made a huge difference in how I see myself. IF you look at yourself, what do you see that you like??

Know there is not another you out there, you're one of a kind. That's pretty awesome.

Lastly, who are you inside that body?? What makes you happy? How do you make others happy? What attributes do you have that you love? Loving who you are inside is the last key to truly loving yourself, in my opinion.
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