Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reward Site Reviews

          Over the last few months, I've been checking out some reward sites online just because. I was curious as to what you can actually earn and what it takes. So far, eh, they're not too bad. However, I can say that they are perfect for teens that like to buy little things online! I've lost track of the extra phone chargers (how she goes through them like she does is beyond me) and cases that have been bought. Her last thing was hair extensions! Yeah, this is perfect for those times when you're like "Seriously? Do you need this? Why do you need this?".

          So far, my favorite site is Swagbucks. The points are actually really easy to earn! Bonus, they have $5 Amazon cards for 450 SB. That's seriously a good deal and, again, is great for those little things on Amazon! You can download the Swagbucks TV app and let videos play while you earn points for them. Printing and using coupons can also earn you points. Shopping online is another point earner. You can't beat it!

          My next two are a tie. Paid Viewpoint and Hits4Pay are both cool! Neither send you a bunch of emails. Neither take much time or effort. Paid Viewpoint seems to really tailor their service towards you. The surveys on the site are all very short. That's the selling point with me. Hits4pay, you earn .02 for viewing all their emails, which stay on their site and don't clutter your inbox. They don't take much time to do, just a couple minutes.

The rest of the sites, I can't say I'm crazy about, but I enjoy the whole paid email thing and some sites will send out bonus emails worth more than their usual. Panda Research and Mindspay are both really great in that respect. Panda doesn't seem to do many surveys while Mindspay can offer a little more. Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings are identical. Both have offers like Swagbacks, but they go above by sending out their paid emails. They also have bonus money to earn for completing a list.

If you are into surveys, check out the survey sites in the sidebar! I've gotten into Survey Downline. They don't bombard me and the surveys are fairly painless. It doesn't seem too bad at the moment!

All this, you can do in about an hour a day, if that! It'll help give you a little extra, too. If there are sites you like that I don't have on here, feel free to comment on this!! Let's compile the good sites!
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