Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Brenda Information

Tonight, I had this go down on Facebook:

So, my baby and what happened to her doesn't matter. She has had two peaceful births and her friend has had one. Guess what? I had one too, then I lost my daughter the next time, but that doesn't matter. How christian! I thought the christian thing was that ALL life mattered and our friends funeral service reflected her views of that. 

Yeah, my baby death doesn't matter, course I'm not gonna be mad at you and will want to remain friends! Yeah, that was dripping with sarcasm!

Let's look at Brenda, shall we, since these women have had their great births and all!

A client says I am in labor. Brenda doesn't show up. Sound familiar?? It should!! Client then becomes an assistant and stops referring others to her. How could that happen?? 

Mom was NOT 42 weeks, but 44 weeks with third homebirth baby! I have personal messages from mom detailing more information, but out of respect for her memory, I really don't feel right sharing them. 

Interesting. I recall also getting those emails!  How many risk factors do we see at play here?? Oh wait and it's another dead baby! Well, holy shit!! 

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