Wednesday, February 18, 2015

School and Kids


     I'm in my seventh week of school and slowly questioning my sanity! It seems as though my perceptions of how my classes would go were wrong. I figured I would ace English Composition and completely fail at Pre-Algebra. English Comp has shown me that I still have quite a bit to master where writing is concerned and it's kind of tough! The math, I'm blowing that out of the water and am way past where I need to be. I'm pretty impressed with myself! I did register for some summer classes (10 credit hours, to be exact), but still need to get everything that entails squared away.

     I've noticed that trying to juggle everything has left me pretty frazzled and semi anti-social. It's not incredibly fun. I'm lucky in the fact that I do have two teens (almost three) that can help watch younger siblings when the husband isn't home. Dinner can be ready to go in the crockpot, so everyone gets fed. My kids, thank goodness, are highly intelligent and have been able to help me grasp some of the math I've had to re-learn. It's amazing what these kids are learning these days!

     I have a new found respect for parents who work and go to school. It's a lot to juggle! This also shows my children the benefits of waiting to have children until you have an education and a career. As parents, we always want better for our kids and you never want them to struggle. I want them to have it easier than we did and they know it. I guess that's one of the benefits to having older kids that are here to see and learn. It won't be an old story, it'll be our story.

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