Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Life Is Crazy!!

          I am so sorry to of neglected this blog! I really need to get on the ball and post regularly, but this past month and a half have been absolutely insane.

          Mary's birthday is in exactly a month. As much as I try to not think about it, it's still right there. Mother's day is Sunday, and that's usually when I begin my downward spiral. I thought that after these years it wouldn't cause so much trepidation, but apparently I'm not there yet. Maybe one day. No matter what I'm feeling, I'm still going to put a smile on my face and continue living. I'm more than just a loss/angel/dead baby mom. You know, without this little girl, and everything that happened I wouldn't be where I am. She has helped shape my life in so many ways.

          School: So far, in English, I have an A. I'm still waiting to get two grades back, but it shouldn't be an issue. I majorly kicked butt in that class. That class has led me to change my major to Technical Communications. Writing is my hobby and I can be passionate about it. My Research Paper ended up with a 100% in a class where the average was much lower than that. I'm hoping to publish my paper here. It still needed a few extra touches, in my opinion, but that's ok! In my Math class, I am actually almost completely done with everything. How it's set up is you have 4 mods per class with each class lasting 8 weeks. Well, I managed to get so far ahead that I will end up receiving credit for additional classes since I've done two semesters worth of work in one, which will eliminate the need to pay for and take these extra classes. I never would of pictured myself doing this and doing it so well! I've received straight A's!! Come fall, I'm buckling down and going to school full time since all six of my children will be in school.

          Lastly, I'm going to start a small blog detailing my adventures with the reward sites I'm on. It would help having some actual experiences out there when looking at these programs. I'll put up a link when I do it, but it will likely not be for a couple weeks.

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